Can you translate

Lutheran Bible Translators translate the Words of our Lord into many different languages throughout the world so that the message of salvation can reach as many people as possible!  Check out this list of books of the bible in other languages.  Do you know how they translate to English? 
Good luck!!

Translations of the New Testament

Answer Key

Children's Worship Bulletins

Now our young members can stay up-to-date on their weekly bulletin!  The Children's Bulletin follows the same theme as the weekly service but in a child-friendly format!

(for personal use only)

Children in the Divine Service

These are short readings and activities for parents to do with their children.  They explain the meaning of different events in the church year and why they are important!


The Sanctuary

Thank you, Lutheran Bible Translators!

Some fun puzzles and coloring pages!  How much do you know about Christianity in other countries?

LBT for young learners

Let's Read!

Short, e-books brought to us by Lutheran Hour Ministries!  (granted with permissions) 

Calling Kids of Peace!

A child-friendly newsletter to keep our young members up to date on events at Peace!

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